The Institute of Psychology, University of Wroclaw is both research and education oriented. It consists of eight research teams: Team of researches on Self-structure; Team of experimental social psychology, Team of education and upbringing psychology, Team of clinical and health psychology, Team of general psychology, Team of personality psychology, Team of developmental psychology, Team of management psychology.

Members of our staff are willing to cooperate in the selected areas:

Clinical and health psychology

Principal investigator: Urszula Dębska, PhD

Our research: the psychological profile of participants in a long-term voluntary health training session: pro-health activity, I-corporeal, locus of health control, sense of coherence, global self-esteem, coping with stress and quality of life (also among senior people in the beginning of 21st century), strategies of coping with stress and burn-out phenomenon of physiotherapists.  General objectives of training: strengthening postural muscles, control over spine stabilizing techniques and also many intermediate goals; the subjects set themselves personal goals of participation in training.
We also collaborate with Małgorzata Kałwa and Halina Guła-Kubiszewska, University  School of Physical Education in Wrocław.


Developmental psychology

Principal investigator: Professor Anna Oleszkowicz

We are mainly interested in psychological development during transition from adolescence to adulthood, with a particular emphasis on identity development and achievement of developmental tasks in emerging adulthood. We capture identity formation with reference to specific exploratory and decision-making processes, which can occur in adaptive or maladaptive forms depending on the biological, psychological and social factors involved in these processes. Our current research focuses on the relationship between body image and identity formation, or more precisely, how young people’s system of beliefs and self-assessments of their own appearance accompanied by specific emotions and behavior are related to the formation and the evaluation of their identity commitments.

General psychology

Principal investigators: Marcin Czub, PhD & Joanna Piskorz, PhD

Research conducted by our lab is related to use of virtual reality in alleviating pain and moving attention away from painful or stressful experiences. In the last few years we have completed several experimental studies that show the effectiveness of VR in pain treatment. Currently, we are trying to verify the potential use of VR with patients suffering from chronic pain conditions. You can find more information about the project here: www.vr4health.org


Interpersonal communication

Principal investigator: Olga Bąk, PhD
Interpersonal communication

The main issue of our interest is positive and negative feedback to different relations: formal/professional (teacher – student;  psychologist – patient) as well as informal one (parent- child, friend-friend).

We are particularly interested in cross-cultural similarities and differences in giving feedback and reaction to praise and criticism.



Work and organizational psychology

Principal investigator: Magdalena Ślazyk-Sobol, PhD
I am mainly interested in the area of organisational and occupational psychology, including issues of organisational engagement, occupational problems and diagnosis of professional competence.
I conduct quantitative-qualitative research in the scope of occupational burnout, its determinants depending on the employment profile and dynamics in the perspective of longitudinal studies.
In psychological practice I am engaged into the diagnosis of management competences through Assessment and Development Centre methods, group trainings and coaching. If you are interested in cooperation, feel free to contact me.


Principal investigator: Dorota Kanafa-Chmielewska, PhD

My current research are related to:
  • citizenship (OCB), counterproductive (CWB) and political organizational behaviours
  • job satisfaction and trust
  • Poles' attitudes to work
  • usefulness of students' marks in recruitment process
  • relationships between students' marks and psychological characteristics
I am interested in collaboration on the above stated issues.


Principal investigator: Alicja Keplinger, PhD

The Research topics.
  • Desirable (Organizational Citizenship Behavior - OCB) and undesirable  (Counterproductive Work Behavior -CWB) organizational behavior.
  • The ethical context of social functioning of the IS (Information Systems) and IT ( Information Technology) users.
  • The relationship of the leader and co-workers, eg.: The perception of support, sense of justice, sharing knowledge.
  • Psychological aspects of productivity and commitment to work.
  • Conditions and methods of social activation. The conditions of successes and failures.
  • The identity of the young in a changing world.
  • Coping with everyday situations - essence, functions, genesis.
  • Evaluation of the quality of education.

I am an author and co-author of the research projects which are focused on the issues of the psychological conditions of intercultural differences in terms of transition and developed economies.

I invite you to cooperation!